Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Music (OST)

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This is the Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds background music OST, or as the track itself is known: « In the Midst of Battle ». It’s essentially THE Star Wars Medley to end all Star Wars Medleys.

Here’s a list of the notable themes (read the bottom of the desc.!!) I’m counting on you guys to complete this list. 🙂 Private Message me a list and I’ll replace this one with the one you message me AND give you credit (of course).

Duel of the Fates (During the duel in TPM) – 0:00
Unknown (Played during Geonosis Arena battle in AOTC) – 2:21
The Imperial March (Everyone knows this one) – 5:26
Binary Sunset (plays during ANH sunset scene) – 10:27
Temple March (the Confederacy flourish from SWGB extended) – 14:23
Unknown (Something to do with the Royal Naboo) – 17:30
Unknown (During first part of space battle over Endor in ROTJ) – 20:46
Star Wars – 23:19
The Droid Invasion (Appearance of Darth Maul) – 24:53
Unknown (from when Qui-Gon Jinn and Padme were talking about going to Coruscant before they recover the RN starship in Phantom Menace.) – 29:20
The Rebellion (The Battle of Endor Part 1) – 31:56

Thanks to Harridsworth, AlvanH1 GeneralSpy and /UCD3O0g63oDnPTvXi5AXCU_w for furthering the list!

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds is a real-time strategy game (RTS) powered by the Age of Empires II engine. Players have a choice of factions and campaigns. The factions in the original game include the Wookiees, Royal Naboo, the Trade Federation, the Empire, the Rebels, and the Gungans. There are two campaigns in the game centered on the Wookiee race, and one campaign each for the Gungans, the Trade Federation, the Galactic Empire, and the Rebel Alliance. An expansion pack, Clone Campaigns, was released in 2002, adding two new factions and campaigns. Later that year, both Galactic Battlegrounds and Clone Campaigns were released in a box set, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga. No sequels have been made, although other Star Wars themed RTSes have been made such as Star Wars: Empire at War.
The player starts the game with a Command Center, a scout, and three workers (in a normal random map game) for whichever of the six original factions they choose. The player search and gather resources such as Food, Carbon, Nova Crystals, and Ore and then using the resources in order to create new buildings, units, workers and so on. Food is used for low-end units and troopers, as well as the work force. Carbon is used in place of Wood in Age of Empires 2 for buildings and artillery. Nova Crystals create the more high-end units and can be gathered through getting special « holocrons » (from Relics in AoE 2). Ore is used for defensive structures as well as the Gungan unique unit Fambaa. The player can build separate units at separate buildings designed specifically for different types of units. The player can advance through the four Tech Levels by paying a certain amount of resources. When a player advances a Tech Level, more units, buildings, and upgrades become available.

Anyway, enjoy! 🙂

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